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{from my kitchen} Individual Plum Cobblers with Spiced Biscuits

When it comes to food, I wholeheartedly endorse Julia Child’s advice.  “Everything in moderation, including moderation.”  That means that braised kale and roasted Brussels sprouts appear in my kitchen with more regularity than desserts do.  But to keep all that moderation in check, my desserts often make a reappearance at breakfast the next morning.
Individual Plum Cobblers Ingredients

These plum cobblers are the perfect example.  But, they too, exhibit a bit of moderation in their own right.  They have just enough sugar to get the juices from the plums flowing without masking the flavor of the fruit.  I inject a bit more nutritional value into the typical biscuit topping by swapping whole wheat flour for some of the white flour.  I add ground flax seeds in lieu of all butter.  Then to add the flavors of fall I use two of my favorite spices: cinnamon and cardamom.  Add to that the individual serving size and I think I’ve perfected moderation.  So much so that there is not a single bit of guilt as I enjoy one for dessert…and then one the next morning for breakfast alongside my steaming mug of Earl Gray tea.  Bon appetit!

Individual Plum Cobblers

Individual Plum Cobblers Recipe