{from my kitchen} Curried Red Lentils

Welcome to another new feature on the blog!  Close to my love of yoga comes a love of food.  I once dramatically said to a friend that I believed yoga and food could save the world.  Dramatic, yes, but I think it’s true.  Yoga connects us to our most authentic selves and food connects us to the wider community, from those who grow it to the loved ones who share our table.  And if we all looked to find a bit more connection in our everyday, rather than ways to erect walls and artificial separation, wouldn’t the world be a lovelier place?

Lentils are not something that a girl from rural Michigan grows up eating. I was well into adulthood before they even entered my realm of food awareness. Then my first experience was almost my last. It was a recipe from a long forgotten magazine article that promised that their combination of sauteed spinach and cooked lentils would change that area of the plate relegated to side dishes forever. I can only assume they meant for the better but as I tried to find joy in bite after bite I came to the conclusion they might be wrong.
Curried Red Lentils Photos

Not to be deterred in the kitchen arena, or any other arena for that matter, I continued my quest.  Eventually I fell in love with the lentil dishes at the local Indian buffets that I would occasionally frequent with coworkers.  From there the experimentation began in my own kitchen.  I finally ended up with an incredibly simple but deeply satisfying recipe.

Comprised completely of ingredients found in the pantry and fridge, this comes together easily on a weeknight.  It also freezes beautifully so put a few servings into the freezer so that no matter how late it is you have a great meal fast.  Most of you would probably love to serve this atop rice, but I have to make a huge food confession.  I do not like rice.  It’s strange, I know, but there you have it.  However, do not let that deter you from serving it up as you see fit.  Enjoy!

Curried Red Lentils Recipe